Dark Matter…Fallen Angel Of Light

born of dark matter….stardust and light
mixed with blood-blackened dirt
we come walling into a void of death
ours days numbered-measured-named…
woven in darkness, warp and weft
the threads lengthen…a legion hand and hand
a reaping has begun for this…this is his…

some gone before the spark is lit
much mourned with tears…envy
their road never taken…sweet brief
luminous shimmering-pale spirits
shine bright…a beacon, a sign of glory
then weary-weakened by sorrow___
rise slowly, release and dissipate

those…who trade souls for time-space
in the end become delusional…lost
full of decay, they wander caught in a web___
stumbling in dense total darkness…blind fools
reaching out in fear, weeping all to late
to late…castrated, raped of all will…
their path mapped out…the trickster has won

return we then to ashes…dust and overripe rot
unknown, unwanted, devoid of all reason___
our proud lustful needs…beaten down
discarded-trampled dreams, hopes…fade
for now we follow the Master’s gleeful laughter
the road freely chosen in vain hubris greed
dragging hollow-hearts, we die as we came…alone

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The Threshold

the threshold none can cross
invited you must be
all things of darkness cannot pass
shadows of the fallen of long ago

they rage and scream in silence
withering swaying back and forth
but none can enter uninvited
for the threshold is built strong as the cross

it burns and stings their rotted skin
still they are trapped in thick undulating air
safety lies within the spell you cast
the wards block the way a holy shield

strong the wizard a warden for all man kind
his power born from what fills his soul,heart and mind
all whom seek asylum must hold the threshold whole
against black shapes that wait in the dark

never let it go..

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In The Garden

an apple
once picked long ago
in summer
by her hand
she must know knowledge within
darkness fills the world

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Sweet Lily

wearing but a woven crown of pale lilies
her blacken skin slick with sweat
glistens, a mirror without an image

each movement, each step silent
her body tense, she pauses…listening intently
to the sounds around her
garnet lips form a half smile
she moves once again…invisible
in the the fading light

mute speaking no language
the sound of the wind, the birds of the air
called out as she passed,a patron well known
her shade having no form no substance yet dense
she cast spells and patterns against the broad leaves

some sought her of legend
some for the touch of her hot hot flesh
some a kiss from her blooded mouth
some the feel of her velvet musky skin

sweet lily was she…
sweet her scent to taste
while man’s being burned with desire…
tossing and turning in slumber
while white the glow of a lily
she comes in a dream

sweet Lily was she…with a bitter sting
sweet dark as the night she savored
sweet the reaping of men’s hearts…
pulsating with each beat
death, decay, dust and ashes lie in her wake

sorrowful Lily not she…
meekly, the fools followed as carrion she made
quick to the core, flaying their souls…
men’s lustful natures betraying any hope

unredeemed, a nightmare that never ends
wet dripping…she carries them one by one
in her cold cruel cruel hands
sweet Lily was she…a gift to man
abandoned all to the alter of fate

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Gemini’s Incubus

Green shoots everywhere
Earth yawns and stirs
Meadows full with daffodil’s
In out of cement gardens
Nature will push pavement aside
Incubus grows unnoticed in shadows
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The Keyhole

We would peek through the keyhole
when we heard that sound.
The sound of hand meeting skin and bone.
The screams, the pleas
the cries, the moans.
Never ending, never ending.
I could not bear it,
my tiny body shaking with fear
but she, she alone
made me look.
Time and again, while whispering
softly in my ear.
Remember this, remember this
and I would.
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rises with the moon
sets with the sun
weaving patterns of love…..
deep purple, violet blue,red
hearts burn hot in the night
bodies move under the stars
in slow rhythm with the universe

mornings slick dew, shimmers with stars light
shadows now follow all……
gone the nights heat and desire
gone the power and image of love
we are all chained for life……
a sentence without a chance of parole
hidden from the days light, waiting for dark

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